Relish The Best Roasted Chicken Of Your Life

Grilled or roasted chicken is a must if you are planning to have a beer party with your friends after your graduation or with your colleagues after your promotion.

The art of grilling and roasting chicken is difficult. If you don’t know how to do it right, you may end up spoiling the flavor of the chicken.

Chicken that tends to get overcooked while roasting not only loses the flavor but also turns very dry. A fuss-free method of roasting your chicken is by using an electric smoker. Smoking the meat makes it easy to cook it at a very low temperature.

Cooking the meat for longer periods of time not only adds flavor to it but also doesn’t let the meat to turn stale. One of the greatest advantages of using an electric smoker is it doesn’t need constant monitoring.

So, you can leave your meat on and do the rest of your chores. You know your electric smoker will take care of it all. This device saves a lot of time and effort.

You do not have to keep checking from time to time if the food is ready. The advanced technology of the electric smoker will keep your food from being burnt.

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How To Use The Electric Smoker

This article discusses the stepwise ways of using an electric smoker. Read on to find out.

  1. Choose the kind of Smoker you wish to use: You have to make your choice very clear. There are vertical electric smokers that are water-based. These smokers are comparatively inexpensive. These smokers can work great when the weather is warm. However, it might start to show some issues in the cold weather.
  2. So if you cook your meat during the warm weather, a vertical smoker that is water-based will work wonders. On the other hand, there are cabinet smokers that work on electricity. They look like refrigerators. They usually have a gauge for adjusting the temperature which is a key requirement while you are using electric smokers.
  3. Read the manual thoroughly: The different kinds of electronic smokers function differently. Don’t assume all the smokers to work in the same manner. If you do so, the slightest malfunctioning can cause a fatal defect in your gadget.
  4. Prepare the meat: Next comes the best part. Preparing your dish. What you have to do is very simple. You just have to season the meat with a coat of dry rub like salt, sugar, herbs and so on. Soak the meat in some acidic marinade. This will make it very easy for you to cook the meat using an electric smoker. It is advisable to let the meat stay overnight. This makes the marinating better. All the spices and flavors are soaked in really well. Once you are done doing all this, you have to turn on the smoker. If it is a water-based smoker, then add water to it.
  5. Wood chips are a necessity when you are grilling smoky meat. These wood chips add flavor to the meat. The chips can be obtained at any grocery store or a hardware shop, or you can even fetch it online. You can use any kind of wood like plum, cedar, alder, hickory or anything. For every time period of 3 hours to 5 hours of cooking in an electric smoker, one will need nearly 4 cups of the chips.
  6. Set the temperature right: The only thing that you need to check while you are using an electric smoker is the temperature at which it is functioning. These days, most of the smokers have a gauge for the internal temperature. Adjust the temperature according to your needs. Some of the electric smokers also have one dial which can help to adjust the temperature by turning it down when you want to or by turning it up when you want to. Apart from this, some of the other smokers have a specific point that is as high as 107.22 degrees Celsius. When you see that your gadget has reached the correct and the desired temperature, then put the meat in the rack. Make sure that the meat isn’t undercooked. Let it turn tender. This is a time-consuming process for it can take some time ranging from 3 hours to 8 hours. Insert a meat thermometer inside the meat in order to check whether the meat is properly cooked.


  • You don’t have to make any extra effort to light the fire: An electric smoker saves the effort of having to make fire. All you have to do is just plug the unit in and then you are absolutely ready for the equipment to smoke. They are very convenient to use.
  • It’s easy to use: This is the greatest advantage that one can enjoy from an electric smoker. Electric smokers are the easiest cooking equipment when it comes to grilling and smoking meat. All you have to do is set the things and leave the rest upon the smoker to arrange. You switch the smoker in and adjust the temperature and the time for which you want the meat to cook and the gadget will solve the rest. Once the cooking is done the device can shut itself off. See how technology has crept into our kitchens as well!
  • They are economic: These electric smokers are not at all expensive to run. They are very cost-effective, unlike the conventional smoker which requires investment for the purchase of charcoal or wood. Electric smokers do not need a refill of charcoal or wood. Also, they do not draw much electricity.
  • Ease of use: Unlike your traditional smokers, these are electric smokers who don’t need a great deal of babysitting. All you have to do is maintain the temperature, the airflow, and the flame. Electric smokers don’t require as much effort and time. All you have to do is plug the device in and let the smoker do its own work. This will save you a lot of time and effort. You don’t have to keep checking every now and then if your device is working properly; if your meat is being cooked properly.
  • It can save time: You don’t have to keep monitoring the food that is being cooked using a traditional smoker. The entire process of cooking can be controlled simply with an RF remote. The internal light can be switched on and off; the time control and every other thing can be done using the remote controller.
  • Controlling the temperature is easy: This is counted as one of the biggest advantages offered by an electric smoker. Setting the temperature once is enough to get the cooking done properly.
  • They have built-in timers: These smokers come with timers that help in easily shutting off the device automatically after the denoted time period. There aren’t any chances of you forgetting to get the food out of the oven and thus, ending up burning the whole of it. Make sure you cook for the right amount of time to derive the perfect taste.
  • The speed of cooking: While you are preparing your meat using an electric cooker, you are the one who is in charge of controlling the speed of cooking. While the other smokers force up the heat from the top to the bottom, the process is reversed in case of the electric smokers that are from the bottom gradually towards the top, which is a slow process. However, the cooking results exhibited are better in the case of electric smokers.
  • The cooking options are versatile: It is not just confined to meat. The device can be used to smoke an exorbitant range of items like beef, turkey, nuts, cheese, and sausages. Hence, you can be a vegetarian but still, this smoker will readily serve you.
  • No need for any prior experience: You can be a newbie but still be excellently skilled at using an electric smoker. On the contrary, one needs to be skilled enough in order to use traditional smokers.
  • There are no harmful emissions: While traditional smokers produce carbon monoxide which is very bad for human health, the electric smokers do not release any such emission that will harm the user. Therefore you can use it harmlessly even if you have kids or pets at home.
  • It can be used both indoor and outdoor: With its portability, the electric smokers are extremely convenient to be used both indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Choice of wood: Even the electric smokers have a provision that facilitates you to insert any wood that you want your food to have the flavor of.
  • The components used are complicated: A conventional smoker has a body that is made of metal. The device has nothing inside. On the other hand, the electric smoker is made up of a number of electrical components that are difficult to understand. They also make use of advanced technology like thermostats, automated timers as well as heaters that are prone to malfunctioning. They need to be maintained from time to time.
  • The lower the investment, the longer the time taken to cook the food: The smokers that are cheap will take much longer time to prepare a meal because they are unable to achieve the required temperature.
  • They have a limited capacity for cooking: This is one of the greatest disadvantages of these electric smokers. They have a very small capacity. These smokers cannot be used if you are planning to cook for a large family gathering. These smokers rank amongst those cookers that have the lowest cooking capacity of BBQ in the world. In case you want your users to be convenient and have more capacity then you need to look for smokers that are made of wood and utilize fired pellets and work on electricity.

Additional Information

Are you ready for a DIY meal and want to save some money by not ordering your party barbeque from a restaurant? Or do you want to showcase your mad cooking skills to your friends without having to work much? Then electric smokers are the best deal for you. They not only enable fuss-free cooking but also make the cleanup procedure thereafter convenient. You don’t have to collect all the ash dust scattered here and there. You can simply pick up a tray where all the ash and dust is collected and clean it up. The low power consumption, the ease of use without having to check a manual and the hassle-free method of cooking without having to check if the food is ready from time to time will make this device a proud pick for you.

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