Lill Chief Smoker review – Cook Meat Delicacies Like Never Before!

A smoker cooker is basically a cooking appliance which can easily maintain a low temperature for cooking and provide the perfect environment for producing smoky food. This equipment tends to give a smoky flavor to your favorite barbeque and makes the meat tender and juicy.

As more and more people are relishing over smoked food, it is no wonder that smoker cookers are gaining huge popularity these days. Your family and loved ones will enjoy all the delicious recipes that are being prepared in the smoker cookers.

People brawl on the streets for delicious food and therefore it is very necessary to have a good cooking device in our homes. Today, I’m going to introduce an exceptional cooking apparatus that is user-friendly, versatile and cooks heavenly smoked dishes.

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Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker – For delicious homemade food

If you have never bought a smoker cooker but want to make a purchase for the first time, then the Little Chief Smoker Cooker is your perfect choice.

Since the year 1968, this brand is perfectly smoking chicken, fish, sausage and whatnot with great results. You do not have to deal with fluctuating temperature, wood and other hassles that consume a lot of time and effort.

Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker

Special features:

Taste that stays with you

The Little Chief Front Load Cooker with consistent low temperature will produce the smoky dishes that you have always desired for.


Once the food is loaded in the smoker on the detachable chrome plated grill, you can easily access the pan without even opening the door of the smoker. You can insert as well as remove this wood flavor pan without dealing with temperature fluctuations or losing the heat.


If you are still wondering what all the food you can smoke in the Little Chief Front Load Smoker, we provide you with a list, but however, the possibilities are not limited to this. Trout, sausage, turkey, hams, bacon, steaks, brisket, pork butts, cheeses, nuts, ribs, fruits, jerky, fish, salmon and the list continues.


This front load electric smoker is light in weight and can be effectively transported as well as stored.

  • Easy-to-handle
  • Portable
  • Built for outdoor use only


  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Weight – 12.16 pounds


This Little Chief Front Load Smoker allows you to smoke up to twenty-five pounds of meat or fish at a consistently low temperature and without relying on fire or coal. The best part of this electric smoker which I feel is its heating element that provides steady heating of 165 degrees Fahrenheit to add a smoky and juicy flavor to the food cooked.

Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36" Propane Smoker, Black


This electric smoker is lightweight, requires no assembly and is ideal to carry for picnics. Also, it is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. With the instruction booklet, it will be really easy for anyone to prepare delectable dishes in very less time.

User’s guide

If you are a beginner then it is essential to understand the processes and how the Little Chief Front Load Smoker works. These tips will help you to take a well-informed decision while purchasing the smoker. When you smoke food, there is a unique flavor of the wood which is gained during the process. It is important to note that smoked meat is moist and easily falls off. The Little Chief Front Load Smokers are for outdoor use, so you can always smoke meat and fish in the backyard or on the open terrace and have a good time with your loved ones.


It is always important to wear safety gloves for added protection. Also, you would need a sharp knife to slice the meat properly so that the food gets the perfect smoked flavor during the cooking process. Before using the smoker, it is required to go through the instruction booklet and get an understanding of the different temperature that cooks the meat, so that you can prepare delicious smoked food with ease.

Cleaning and storage

With proper care, your smoker will have a long life. It is necessary that the drip pan and the grills are cleaned on a regular basis. You just need to keep them in warm soapy water for a short duration and these items are good to go. The rack and the smoking chamber do not require frequent cleaning. You can just wipe them to remove the residue and that is all. The smoker should be stored in a dry place and never forget to replace the grills, drip pan and the flavor pan that you have cleaned.

Some valuable tips

The Little Chief Smoker Cooker is versatile cooking equipment and you can use it in many ways. The smoke flavor of the “Chips n’ Chunks” fuels adds a delectable aroma to your favorite recipes. Try preparing smoked pork loin and you will fall in love with this appliance.

Never keep the brine solutions in aluminum containers, you can always use glass or crockery for that purpose. No matter how many times you use the brine solution, it is always preferable to keep the solution cool and refrigerated. You can always spray some non-stick coating on the drip pan and smoker grill which makes the cleaning process really easy and less time-consuming.

Always try to use your Little Chief Electric Smoker in a properly ventilated area as the smoke produced during the process is a bit strong. Also, place the smoker away from the wind as the heat might be lost when it is very breezy.

It is important to keep close supervision when you are using this appliance near kids and never touch the surface of the smoker when it is already in use.

Remembering these tips will always make smoking fun and hassle-free, at the same time you can create beautiful memories with close ones!

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