Everything You Need To Know About Custom Smokers!

Let us admit it; smokers are essential cooking material in every single household. You can smoke a vast variety of food items as they generate the heat as well as the smoke in a really controlled way to make sure that the food doesn’t get burnt. Any smoker has two regions in its body.

The first place is where the heat is generated, and there are various temperature control options for the cook to set. The second region is the place where the food which is to be smoked is kept.

It has a straightforward design that makes the airflow easy with the help of various vents and pipes. If you are planning to buy a smoker to barbeque your favorite chicken ribs, then you must purchase a model that has a good airflow as the food will get bitter as a result of too much smoke, otherwise. There is another excellent option available or all the people who love bbq.

You can design custom smokers for yourself with specific settings and structure according to your needs. These custom smokers are precisely what you need to cook that deliciously smoky piece of meat.

Did your mouth water at the very thought of it? With so much information regarding these smokers, you should definitely see the reasons why you must own the custom smokers.

Reasons Why Everyone Should Get Custom Smokers

Smokers are perfect for that afternoon party at your house. Let us take a look at the reasons why custom smokers are a must nowadays for every household.

Get Barbeque Done – Anytime, Anywhere

Are you a big fan of barbequed items? With custom smokers, you can cook then anytime you want, wherever you want. it is really easy. The electric smokers don’t need fuel as well so with them you can directly plug in the smoker, put your favorite meat in the grills and wait for it to get cooked into delicious Smokey piece of meat. Yum! Save yourself from going to expensive restaurants to eat bbq. Why waste money when you can do it right at your home with the help of the smokers.

Delicious Smoky Flavor

You can generate the delightful smoky taste from the custom smokers. All you need to do is to put on your food, set the right temperature and wait for it to get cooked. The smoke generated due to the electricity is enough to cook your entire food. Not just that it will also give a hint of the smoky flavor. The best thing about the custom smokers is that eh amount of smoky flavor can be adjusted to set it according to your taste buds.

Really Consistent

How many times did you hear that someone’s smoker is out of order? You can’t recall, right? That is because smokers rarely go out of order. They are really durable items, and you can get the value for your money along with mouth-watering treats. With the custom-made smokers, you will be the center of attraction of any party. So get these smokers and impress everyone with your cooking skills.

Adjustable According To Requirements

The taste of every person varies widely. What might be delicious for you might just be burnt for someone else? So to avoid any kind of confusion gets custom smokers. Custom smokers will have options where you can choose the temperature and a lot of other factors. Thus you can cook according to the individual requirements of the people. This is essential if you are running a catering service or a restaurant business. You need to pay attention to everyone’s personal preference. This is when custom smokers play a considerable role.

Let us take a look at some of the few necessary things which you can custom make in your barbeque smoker.

Things To Personalize In Custom Smokers                                                

  • Airflow – You want your barbeque to have that perfect amount of smoke. Too much of it can ruin the entire food, too little of it can barely make any flavor. The air when heated will generate smoke from the fuel and this smoke will go into the cooking chamber and lastly will vent out. Thus airflow will determine the flavor that is produced in your bbq. Custom smokers will let you control the airflow so that you can get that desired amount of smokiness. A lot of people enjoy the smokier flavor. If you are among them, then you can build your smoker in a fashion that is going to make the food a lot smokier.
  • Venting – The perfect venting can be achieved easily with the help of vents that can be adjusted to limit the air as and when needed. Otherwise, the heat source that you are using can be made controllable. You can choose an electric smoker which will eliminate the entire need for using any kind of fuel. They will save the effort as well as the money at one go. So custom makes the vents according to your choice and make sure you get the desired results.
  • Portability – Do you travel a lot or you tend to stay back home? Then you need to choose a smoker that is going to be portable if you want to carry it along with you wherever you go. Portable custom smokers are also lightweight and have wheels so that they can be dragged without extra effort. So from the next time you go camping in the woods, make sure to carry bbq smoker with you. You can custom build your smoker with wheels; otherwise, if you need it to be stationary, you can eliminate them. Sit around with your family in the backyard and host a sizzling barbeque session, can it get better than this?
  • Material – Usually the best kind of smokers are the ones which are constructed out of either stone s or bricks. These materials are known to hold heat really well so any custom smoker that is made out of these things will maintain the temperature well. According to your preferences, add plumbing or electricity to the smoker’s so that the outdoor cooking area of your house is completely revamped. However, this doesn’t mean that metal smokers are bad. They can sometimes cause temperature spikes, but that doesn’t affect the food you’re cooking. Metal smokers are also lightweight, so if you are building a portable custom smoker, make sure you create the body out of metal/
  • Permanent Or Temporary – If you think that you need the smoker just for one party then you can build yourself a makeshift smoker. However, that is not advisable as you are not a professional and the amateurish smoker can end up ruining your entire party. So its always better to get a custom smoker built right from the professionals that will last you for over a lifetime. These smokers are durable and are passed through various quality standards, so you know that the smoker you have purchased for yourself is of the best kind. So host parties on a regular basis or spend quality family time very weekend after getting the permanent, custom-built smoker.
  • Size Of The Smoker – This is one of the crucial factors of the smoker. The size of the smoker will determine how much food you can cook in one batch. If you reside in a small house and contain less number of family members, then small sized custom smokers will be just suitable for you. However, if you have catering services or if you host a party on a regular basis then the high quantity of food is of utmost priority. So you need o get a big sized custom smoker. A medium one is, however, a safer option as it will let you smoke a decent amount of food in one batch. Thus based on the size of your family you also need to customize the smoker. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that if you are opting for a portable custom smoker, then its advisable to get a small one as the large ones can often tend to be a bit bulky.

Thus we see there is a wide range of options from which you can customize your smoker. Make sure to choose wisely as the smoker is going to last you for over a lifetime. With so much of the parameters which are customizable, you are definitely going to need a buying guide in order to not get confused.

Buyers Guide To Get The Best Custom Smoker

  • Ponder over each and every single parameter listed above carefully. Take your time and decide accordingly. The custom smokers cannot be built in the blink of an eye. Properly think and list out the necessary requirements. Then give it to the professionals to create.
  • Always hire professional smoker services. They are going to provide you with the highest quality of materials. Moreover, they are in the profession for years so they can give you advice regarding the smoker you are custom made. Their tips are valuable, and you must always pay heed to whatever they have to say.
  • Go to a shop that you find trustable. Do research. ask the people in and around you whether they know anyone who provides custom-built smokers. Thus you will easily get the best name in the market. Go to them and be clear regarding what you need and what you don’t, that is going to help them.
  • Never compromise on the cost. It is highly necessary to keep in mind that you must not get lured by seeing low prices. Often the cheap smokers are defective, or they are not very much durable. So never compromise on the money, on the other hand, you invest in a good smoker. That is going to last you for an eternity if you take proper care. Buying from a reputable place even if it costs more is what is recommended.
  • Not all smokers are for everyone. So you need to give your requirements to the professionals for them to design a smoker that is going to be perfect for you. So don’t get scared seeing that the premade smokers don’t work for you. Give your requirements properly, and they will make the perfect one for you.
  • The smokers can be run on different types of fuel. Make sure you choose the fuel efficiently. They can be run on electricity, can be run on gas and can even be run on charcoal. For example, if you want a smoker to carry with you while you are camping, then the charcoal one is what you need as there will be no electricity in the forests. However, if you want a smoker to be installed in your home, then you can without any doubt get an electric one. However, there are new smokers which can be run on all the three kinds of energy source.

Thus we see how smokers can liven up your entire party and at the same time fill in your stomach. Smokers are a must have for all foodies; your favorite steak will be right beside your hand. Sudden craving for meat? Just power up the smoker and start to do the barbeque, as simple as that. The best part is that the custom smokers are really user-friendly. Since you have given all the parameters, you will know about the custom smokers from top to bottom. So it becomes easier for you to detect the various options in the panel and cook accordingly.


Love to eat? It’s high time you get these smokers today and build them with the help of pro0fessiobnals. It’s guaranteed that you will never for once regret your decision. So what are you waiting for? Start to research and build the dream smoker today. Treat your family and friends and throw surprise barbeque parties.

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