Cheese That You Can Only Eat With Live Worms (Casu Marzu)

The most perilous cheddar on the planet, casu marzu is an Italian cheese characterized by its illicit status and the parasites that pervade it.

When anyone is planning out traveling to Italy, of course, they’re anticipating exploiting the broadly tasty food by finding the best gelato, pizza, and wine around.

However, there is more, which goes beyond your imagination. If you still can’t guess, then you haven’t done your proper exploration on the grounds that the most legitimate, heavenly, delicacy is called casu marzu. Basically, it is a profoundly explicit sort of cheddar. Or then again, in case you need to be all ‘American’ about it, you can basically call it parasite cheddar- a cheese that you can only eat with live worms.

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Yet Europeans made it illegal, this worm’s cheese still stands as one of the best cheese for centuries. If you ask me the official price of this cheese, I’m not sure about it. Because it is completely banned or illegal to sell or serve it in the restaurant or grocery stores.

Yet, the EU announced it illegal, countless number of Sardinians eat it regularly. They remind us of the finest speech I found on the web – everything around us is either illegal, immortal, or fattening.

Origins of Casu Marzu

Casu marzu originates from the beguiling Italian island of Sardinia, situated in the Mediterranian Sea. The cheddar is produced using sheep’s milk. Casu marzu sets aside some effort to make (What sort of value cheddar doesn’t?), yet the cycle itself is simple. At the point when it’s done, a casu marzu cheddar ought to generally contain a large number of parasites inside it.

Secret Recipe: How to make Casu Marzu

To begin with, at first warm the sheep’s milk for a while on a stove. Only at that point, it is allowed around three weeks to sit so it can sour.

Next, the outside layer is cut off. This makes it welcoming for flies to enter, who at that point lay their eggs inside the cheese.

A while later, the cheddar is left for storing in a dull cabin for a few months. During that time the eggs bring forth into hatchlings and instantly start to eat the decaying cheddar.

The discharges that go through their bodies are fundamental, as they are what give the cheddar its unmistakable delicate surface and Richie taste.

Also, (as the Italians state) Presto! You have your casu marzu. The taste of the Casu Marzu can best be compared is to the flavor of a ready-made gorgonzola cheddar. However, what we really taste is hatchlings’ excrement.

Presently, in case this unusual delicacy sounds totally surprising to you. And so you’ve fully determined that you will taste it for making your Italian grand trip exclusive, we are very brave news for you. It is amazingly hard to get this elusive and slimy parasite plagued cheddar.

Because of wellbeing cautions, the fanatics at the EU European Food Safety Authority have prohibited this live worms’ cheese. In this manner, those eagerly curious to taste some casu marzu should go to the Italian underground market.

How do the parasites get inside the cheese?

It’s a shockingly careful cycle to make casu marzu. Going past the ordinary maturation, this sheep’s milk cheddar is permitted to arrive at a phase of decay. Gaps are then cut into the pecorino (every cheese that originates from sheep’s milk is given this Italian name). These openings consider flies to come and tunnel into the cheddar, laying their hatchlings down to brood. The digestive-related activity of the hatchlings gives casu marzu its delicate surface, making it totally spreadable. The wriggling slimy parasites are showing up as small clear worms around eight millimeters long.

How to eat casu marzu

As a tourist, you can easily get it from the black market. Just consider this another extra step to get this truly authentic Italian cuisine. While this maggot-infested cheese costs so much to buy from the black market, but it is worth this value.

In case, you successfully buy it from the black market, there are some additional steps you need to follow to enjoy it:

Points to be noted- casu marzu is full of live maggots cheese. That means inside the cheese is full of live maggots. In case, you find them dead, means the cheese lost its temper and it has gone worse. In this way, casu marzu is only can be eaten when the worms are alive.

Next Tip – If you are a tourist or new to taste casu marzu, I suggest keeping your eyes close while eating. It is not a warning for looking to eat live worms on your own eyes, rather it is for your eye protection. Sometimes, they roll up and jump to as high as six inches.

Don’t be scared! More scary tips are coming. It is basic for everyone to appropriately bite and execute the slimy parasites before gulping. Else, they can live inside our body and tear openings through the digestive organs. No big deal. However, sort of a massive deal, right?

Anyway, the following stage is lesser than well-being caution and more to a greater approach to experience this oldest Italian cheese. It’s encouraged to appreciate the casu marzu with a soaked flatbread. You should also eat it with a glass of solid red wine. I guess nothing goes perfect without the existence of wine in Italy.

This cheese is the trademark of Sardinia. They consider this cheese is a love potion. They made it and eat all together at weddings and different festivals. Yet, it is dangerous to feed, illegal to sell, and comes with live worms, casu marzu is a part of their culture and history. It reportedly harms no one still now. However, it takes the standard of Italian cheese to a new level in the world.

Robin Hood of Cheese

Pecorino, a little island of Sardinia, is considered the base of Casu Marzu cheese. Some also called it “Rotten Cheese”.

This uncommon taste is the most elite cuisine that the dazzling Italian island can offer, from a gourmet’s perspective. But an Italian law restricted Casu Marzu as some time in the past as 1962. EU controllers exacerbated the situation 40 years after the fact. In 2002, the authorizing of a guideline made the creation and deals of the “Casu Marzu- spoiled cheddar” completely illicit. Not just In Italy, the EU banned it from the whole of Europe. 

Yet, in 2004, the Sardinians applied to get a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) title for Casu Marzu as well, trying to respond to the boycott. Sadly, government officials denied the application.

However, the live worms’ cheese is as yet restricted; allies trust that this will change. Furthermore, the new guidelines on Novel Foods will prepare to bring some good arrangements soon.

What was the explanation for the boycott of Casu Marzu?

The core reason is bugged. Particularly, the hatchlings of those worms, which makes the taste delicate and uncommon.

The biophilia casei fly is the moment craftsman. This fly changes the decent conventional cheddar like the Sardinian Pecorino in the remarkable Casu Marzu.

Thinking about how? – Simply by eating and transferring it into delicate cheese. Furthermore, the hatchlings or larvae keep remain in the cheddar and get the opportunity to be eaten with it alive.

The prudery of the EU with regards to food cleanliness and security guidelines is notable even on minor issues. So- living parasites in food? There is no chance to get approved by the EU rulers. Whatever the taste is, to their eyes it is just a pervasion of bugs.

In reality, the presence of fly hatchlings in the Casu Marzu isn’t just attractive and energized. It is basic. There would be no Casu Marzu without parasites.

As there would be no bread, wine, and cheddar without fermenting microorganisms, but casu marzu is still considered illicit.

Yet, Casu Marzu is outlawed; the creation of this illicit cheese did not stop. The people of Sardinia have a reputation for pride and stubbornness. They still produce it in their homeland for their own consumption, not commercially. 

Take from the rich to provide for poor people, we could state, for example, Casu Marzu as the Robin Hood of cheeses. The present Sardinian shepherds and cheddar producers are not as poor as their Sherwood laborer ancestors were. Yet, their spoiled cheddar originates from an exceptionally old custom. Furthermore, presently, it gets great cash from gourmets and sightseers with a profound pocket from everywhere in the world.

Is Casi Marzu costly – how much does this maggot cheese cost?

Concerning illicit items, shortage, and the dangers of getting hold of – all these push the cost of Casu Marzu up. There are no official rates out there. Since this alleged underground market capacities on the standard “everyone knows somebody.”

Implying that you can just get to Casu Marzu by overhearing people’s conversations. From companion to confided in companion: no one prefers EU elevated fines.

Moreover, you can just get some data on the web, some expressing that Casu Marzu brings at any rate of 100 dollars for every pound, some that it is just 20 Euros for each kilogram.

In any case, you truly need to discover, I would suggest onboarding a ship pass to Sardinia and start the chase. Casu Marzu is one of the oldest Sardinian agricultural items. Yet, authority banned it; the production was spared from complete lawlessness by a move of Region Sardinia.

Now a day, the ranchers or farmers can make slimy parasite cheddar in any case, for their own consumption neither they nor shops or eateries can sell it.

Along these lines, in case you need to taste Casu Marzu, get yourself a Sardinian local with some sheep out there.

Health concerns of Casu Marzu

Expending this cheddar presents you with some genuine threats and a progression of possibly lethal outcomes, so you should be certain you truly need to taste this live worms’ cheese or not. With no proven evidence of the cheddar hurting anybody, you need to survey whether that is a green light for you to pull out all the stops and taste a bit of it.

You are urged to eat the cheddar with the parasites still alive on it, yet you can attempt it after eliminating those wrigglers, as well. That appears to be inconsequential however in case you’ve just chosen to attempt this – in for a penny, specifically for a pound.

However, in case you do devour the hatchlings alive, ensure you bite them to strict passing because the outcomes of them getting to your stomach and living in your digestive tract could cause demise. It’s likewise considered dangerous to devour the cheddar when the slimy parasites have passed on inside it, however, refrigeration now and then counters this worry for a piece.

The hatchlings aren’t content with simply living on the cheddar; they likewise need your eyes as well! As we already mentioned earlier, you additionally need to shield your eyes when taking a nibble of this cheese. Otherwise, these worms can dispatch themselves up to separations of around 15 centimeters and rush toward your eyeballs.

There’s an explanation the EU doesn’t need casu marzu to be legally approved.  As the cheese already broke every essential food cleanliness and wellbeing guidelines – so how can a government make it legal. However, you are curious enough to taste this Italian cuisine, just go locale of Sardinia at your own risk.

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