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Cheese That You Can Only Eat With Live Worms (Casu Marzu)

The most perilous cheddar on the planet, casu marzu is an Italian cheese characterized by its illicit status and the parasites that pervade it. When anyone is planning out traveling to Italy, of course, they’re anticipating exploiting the broadly tasty food by finding the best gelato, pizza, and wine around. However, there is more, which […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Smokers!

Let us admit it; smokers are essential cooking material in every single household. You can smoke a vast variety of food items as they generate the heat as well as the smoke in a really controlled way to make sure that the food doesn’t get burnt. Any smoker has two regions in its body. The […]

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Best Meats To Smoke

Smoking is a cooking process where smoke is used to tenderize and add flavors to the meat slowly. It is a popular and renowned technique of barbeque. The beauty of this process is that it can be done even in a backyard also. Smoking is enhanced with the right type of meat and cut used. […]

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