Best type of smoker for beginners: Rare in taste, best in performance!

Who does not crave for a delicious piece of meat cooked on a barbeque grill? However, nothing tastes better than a tender piece of smoked meat.

How to smoke meat, fresh vegetables, poultry items or any food item? The answer is simple, use a smoker! A smoker is a cooking appliance that uses different types of fuels such as natural gas, wood, charcoal, etc. in order to cook a food item.

It creates rich fumes of smoke that encircles the cooked item and provides an interesting flavor and aroma to it!

The most preferable fuels are charcoal and wood as these raw materials have a high heat resistance and they lend a smoky flavor to the food item which is incomparable!

The primary goal of a smoker is to maintain the smoke even at lower temperatures and to facilitate a slow and controlled way of cooking.

Today I am going to introduce an ingenious way of cooking a food item with the help of a charcoal smoker.

A charcoal smoker is a device which is engineered to provide an original smokehouse flavor without any efforts or risks. Being a foodaholic and meat lover, I often try to smoke the meat by myself. Most of the times I either end up burning it or it remains raw at the core.

I almost gave up cooking meat but my college friend Andrea suggested me to try out charcoal smokers. She told me that a charcoal smoker cooks the food is the most perfect manner so that the crust remains crispy and the core remains tender and juicy.

Being a restless soul I had to taste them but I didn’t get convinced so easily either and therefore, I wanted to experiment with some of the charcoal smokers by myself. I even met some of the most reputed barbeque chefs just to check the cooking apparatus they were using.

I was stunned by the fact that most of them used charcoal smokers to smoke their fish fries, raw meat, pork ribs, fruits, vegetables, cheese and different types of recipes and dishes. I continued exploring some more charcoal smokers; few of them were exceptional in their design while some of them delivered a top-notch performance.

Finally, I was able to decide one smoker which had my heart out when I tasted one of the chicken recipes cooked in it. Utterly amazed by the lip-smacking smoky flavor, I am pleased to share this charcoal smoker with my readers.

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker: Full filled & smoky delicacy

Crafted to look like a powerful bomb capsule, this charcoal smoker is nothing but pure bliss when it comes to smoking a succulent and juicy piece of meat.

As I had mentioned earlier, I was exploring popular meat servers across the country when I found this masterpiece in a beach restaurant in Miami.

I was so impressed with its tender and juicy whole chicken serving that I had to inquire about the chef and the cooking device he used.

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker, Black

I came to know that it was a charcoal smoker by Weber that has two built-in cooking grates which provide ample space for cooking.

For those who do not know, Weber has a legendary history when it comes to backyard grilling and has a reputation for providing some of the best electric grillers, smokers, and related accessories.

Special features:

For safe & reliable cooking

On the upper side of this smoker, you will find a built-in thermometer that allows you to monitor and control the cooking temperature so that you don’t undercook or overcook a particular dish. Weber’s 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker comes with a heat-proof nylon handle that permits you to open the lid safely after the cooking is completed.

Slow & Efficient

Do not feel dejected if the cooking process is requiring a bit more time than usual because you need to be patient in order to relish the tempting and everlasting taste of a smoked dish or recipe. The slow cooking process imparts an alluring taste to the meat recipes while maintaining their moistness and flavor.

Large cooking grates

It comes with two large cooking grates which are good enough to cook an entire roast and several briskets of meat concurrently.

Smooth process

This charcoal smoker of Weber is designed to streamline the process of smoking. Its large fuel door helps you while adding or adjusting the coal prices. Its built-in water pan allows you to maintain the smoke as you can add water through its vents. It also keeps the meat tender and moist.

  • Pros
  • Easy-to-use
  • Long lasting
  • Slow & perfect cooking
  • Suitable for various types of meat recipes
  • Some people can find the cooking process a bit slow

Key specifications

  • Product dimensions – 21 * 19 * 41 inches
  • Weight – 39.1 pounds


There is nothing to complain about this charcoal smoker of Weber. It is built from heavy-duty steel makes it sturdy and reliable to use. Moreover, it is coated with porcelain enamel which increases its heat resistivity and durability. The entire assembly is tough, heat resilient and convenient to use. The meat cooked in it has a smoky essence to it which reminds us of the traditional tandoor recipes. I recommend you to make the cooking as slow as possible it increases the flavor of the smoked recipe to a whole new level. It’s compact and lighter as compared to other smokers. These features make it portable and the pre-included cover enables you to carry it conveniently during picnics.


It is a perfect grab for the beginners who are passionate about meat cooking but are not used to handling grills and smokers. This charcoal smoker provides you with exquisite, flavourful, spicy and delicious pieces of roasted meat forever. Its price is reasonable if you consider its quality, efficiency, and durability.

User’s guide

Now that you have got a good idea about Weber’s charcoal smoker, let’s get to know more about the smoking process. This information can be handy for the beginners who need to understand the process better before buying a charcoal smoker.

What makes smoking unique?

The meat cooked by a smoker has a unique smoky flavor to it that no ordinary grill can provide. Smoking is the process of cooking the meat slowly at lower temperatures by creating smoke out of wood chips, charcoal, pellets, etc. On the other hand, grilling is a relatively faster way of cooking meat at higher temperatures.

Benefits of charcoal smokers:

Charcoal smokers are meant for the individuals who like to be more involved in the cooking process. Filling up the chimney starter, controlling the temperature and monitoring the oxygen levels cater to a fun-filled and interactive cooking experience for the users.

You can use the charcoal smokers in the outdoors with ease.

A charcoal smoker gives a perfect crust and intense flavor to the smoked dish which is difficult to achieve by using electric, gas and other smokers.

Preparations before setting up an actual charcoal smoker!

Charcoal smoking is meant for the meat lovers who love to grill meat in their own backyard for inviting a few friends and having a great time. However, if you do not have a backyard then it can also be placed on an open roof balcony or terrace.

You will also require a few accessories before initiating the smoking process. These accessories are:

A safety glove is a must to ensure that you do not burn your hand instead of the food.

If you prefer a charcoal smoker than you will need additional fuel like wood. I would recommend you to choose the wood chunks of a fruit tree as they add a distinctive taste and tang to the smoked meat.

Buy some really sharp knives to slice, cut and trim the meat nicely.

Learn about the different temperatures and a time period required to cook different types of meat, poultry, fish, fruits, etc. This will enable you to smoke them perfectly!

A few handy tips for beginners:

Cooking in a charcoal smoker will require some time and patience to master. However, don’t lose heart even if you even end up burning some of the dishes or meat in your first attempt. Burnt meat tastes even better but doesn’t go as far as burning it completely or you might need to use it as charcoal in your next attempt.

Use different types of sauces and garnishing to append additional flavor to your smoked recipe.

Choose the right type of meat for your first attempt. There are different types of pork, lamb, chicken meat available on the market. Just make sure to use a lump of meat that cooks up real slow because it will help you to understand the process better.

Choose a smoker that is compact and lightweight if your hobby is traveling and camping. A perfect smoker will be easy to install, use and maintain.

A smoker with a multi-tier cooking facility and the large surface will assist you to cook generous quantities of meat for parties and family gatherings.

Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36" Propane Smoker, Black

Final thoughts

Just remember the fact that smoking is all about having fun with your family and friends. You neither need a very costly smoker nor do you require any modern cooking appliance for that. I have presented a wonderful charcoal smoker which according to me is an ideal purchase because of its size, smoking efficiency and price. However, if you feel that we are missing out on something please do not hesitate to share your views and experiences with us.

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