Electric smokers – A blend of perfection, price and performance!

Cooking with an electric smoker can be a true delight for all you lazy beans out there. Just put the pieces of meat in a cooking tray, set the timer and the smoker will do the rest for you. These smokers negate the need for supervision, fuel refills, etc. while cooking.

Also, the mess-free and dirt-resistant design of these cookers save your extra efforts that are required for cleaning after the cooking process.

Electric smokers can be used for cooking a variety of dishes including fishes, briskets, turkey, and delicacies like sausages, smoked peppers, bacon and much more items can be added to the list.

Masterbuilt, Bradley, Smoke Hollow and few other brands specialize in manufacturing some amazing models of electric smokers.

An amateur cook with little experience and idea about electric smokers tends to go for the cheaper models but he will hardly believe his luck if he finds that the inexpensive smoker he purchased is actually performing like a pro!

I was sure that there must be at least one electric smoker that can defy the odds and prove to be a worthy buy. Therefore, I started exploring numerous electric smokers in five-star hotels and street side restaurants.

Observing the kitchen rooms and interacting with the cooks was not an easy task as I had to plead really hard to the hotel managers in order to seek their permission.

One day I was eating with my friend at a local bar when a cooking apparatus that appeared like a mini refrigerator caught our attention.

After inquiring, we came to know that it was an electric smoker manufactured by Masterbuilt. It was equipped with multiple tiers that allowed them to smoke different food items at once.

But the real surprise for me was its economical price. Excited to the core, now I waited for some smoked meat and crisp veggies to appear on my dish.

The food that finally arrived was so tempting and smoking hot that the taste still tickles my taste buds. With so many positive outcomes from a single smoker, I had no choice but to share its review with my readers.

Masterbuilt 20071117 30″ Digital Electric Smoker: Perfect smoker for everyone!

Masterbuilt’s 2007111730 is an electric smoker that does not require additional fuel like charcoal or gas to initiate the cooking process! Adjust the thermostat controller at the required level and it will smoke the meat perfectly without requiring any extra efforts or intervention.

I had my doubts for this smoker but all of them were cleared when I tasted the pork ribs and fish that were cooked by it.

The dishes were cooked perfectly and their scent was so inviting that we attacked the food like hungry animals.

Masterbuilt 20071117 30" Digital Electric Smoker: Perfect smoker for everyone!

Stunning features:

Large cooking space

It is incorporated with four cooking racks that are large enough to smoke multiple items simultaneously. It can cook 5-6 whole chickens, a couple of turkeys, dozens of burgers and much more at once which implies that you can use it even if you are a restaurant owner.

Effortless smoking

We all want to add a special touch to our smoked recipes and that too in an effortless manner. This electric smoker is engineered for all of us who want to achieve great taste and flavor in quick time.

Convenient smoking

Engineered with adjustable air damper, this smoker provides complete control to the users. You are able to add the wood pieces through its side opening or vent even during the cooking process.


It is built with a fully-insulated body which makes it safe and convenient to use.

  • Large smoking surface
  • Incorporated with adjustable thermostat
  • User-friendly digital controls
  • Racks are finished with heat resistant and durable chrome coating
  • The automated smoking process can prove to be a little artificial for those who love to be involved in the process.

Key specifications

  • Manufacturing company – Masterbuilt
  • Product dimensions – 19.9 * 20.5 * 33.3 inches
  • Weight – 39.3 pounds


I got some really positive feedbacks for this electric smoker from the restaurant owners and a couple of my friends were deeply impressed by its smoking ability but this was not enough for me! I searched for its product reviews and customer reviews all over the internet and was pleasantly surprised to know that most of them were satisfied with this product and rated it much above average. This led me to the conclusion that this smoker actually works quite well, lives up to the expectations of the users and proves to be a purchase worthy smoker.

Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36" Propane Smoker, Black


Nothing goes against this electric smoker as it is smooth, convenient, safe and meticulously engineered. The moderate weight of this electric smoker enables you to carry it conveniently while traveling. Also, it works well with all types of meat and fresh veggies.

Buyer’s Guide

Masterbuilt is a reputed name in the market for cooking appliances. You can observe the quality of 20071117 30” Smoker for yourself as its elegant design and top to toe insulated body impresses everyone. Its user-friendly controls and unrivaled smoking ability does not disappoint you and your guests are amazed at your cooking skills, even though you know that it’s the electric smoker that has pulled off the trick.

However, electric smokers can also be purchased due to the following reasons:


Electric smokers are ideal for everyone including homemakers to restaurant owners and from beginners to professional cooks. Their simple and safe design, automated smoking ability, smooth digital controls and capacity to cook in large quantities make them a multipurpose cooking device.

Durable features

Insulated outer body and chrome-coated internal racks improve their durability and make them reliable. They are so tough and sturdy that they serve you unwaveringly for a long time and that too without any complaints.

Impeccable design

Some of the electric smokers are integrated with a special loading system that allows you to load the wooden chips even during the smoking process.


Electric smokers are convenient to use and economical than the huge pellet or gas smokers. Moreover, their travel-friendly and compact design make them accountable even during trips.

Final thoughts – A smoker that works!

Electric smokers are customized according to your cooking needs if you are planning to throw a house party with smoked ribs, roasted chicken, fish, beef etc. on the menu because they have the ability to cook a large number of dishes at a time.

Their adjustable digital controls can be a little depressing for the people who love to get thoroughly involved in the cooking process. However, I suggest such people indulge themselves in preparing sausages or other side dishes and let the smoker do its job.

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