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17 Must-Eat Electric Smoker | Magical Taste

Smoking is a unique cooking method in which different types of fuels such as wood pellets, hardwood chips, charcoal, etc. are used in a cooking apparatus called smoker in order to impart a charred or hint of a crude flavor to your fresh meat, vegetables, bakery food items and much more. Smoking connects us to […]

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7 Best & Super Delicious Electric Smoker desserts

Top seven intangible & super delicious smoker desserts! Everyone has different expectations when it comes to desserts, but for me, anything that is sweet and can be eaten is a dessert. Desserts remind me of the kids who even find a tiny minuscule of candy to be a rare treat. With time, the craving of […]

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Smoked tenderloin appetizer: A taste that trickles down to your heart!

Enriched with natural goodness and Italian spices this appetizer proves to a phenomenal treat to the nerve endings located at the tip of your tongue aka taste buds.   This pork tenderloin appetizer is suggested for the meat lovers who also prefer a diet that consists of fewer carbohydrates and calories. However, they do not […]

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Seafood canapés – A recipe that will stay with you forever!

Seafood canapés can be made with different fishes like salmon, mackerel, etc. and even seafood like oysters and shrimps. Here we are going to witness a very simple yet sizzling canapé made from smoked salmon! The essence of freshly chopped dill gives a unique flavor to this recipe whereas cream cheese enhances its richness and […]

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Smoked Parmesan bread with garlic – A smoky twist to the Italian dish!

The Parmesan cheese, which glorifies the taste of spaghetti and pizza can now be utilized to enhance the taste of your garlic bread. Is it hard to believe? Go on reading and you will surely love this recipe. Italian spices and buttery texture make this dish a hot favorite amongst all the age groups. Moreover, […]

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