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Cheese That You Can Only Eat With Live Worms (Casu Marzu)

The most perilous cheddar on the planet, casu marzu is an Italian cheese characterized by its illicit status and the parasites that pervade it. When anyone is planning out traveling to Italy, of course, they’re anticipating exploiting the broadly tasty food by finding the best gelato, pizza, and wine around. However, there is more, which […]

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Confused Between Vegan & Vegetarian? Let’s Make It Clear

Our beautiful world is full of different kinds of people. Among the people, religion, taste, lifestyle differs from one another. Vegans and Vegetarian vegans and Vegetarians are 2 different types of people who have different food choices. As known, vegans and vegetarians both don’t eat meat. But here is the fact that vegetarians eat dairy […]

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Why and How A Change in Cooking Technique Changes The Flavor Of Food

I want to start the article with an example first. Think about chicken. Using this little bird, we can make different types of dishes, such as firm roast chicken, roast barbecued chicken, wine-braised chicken, or maybe a bowl of long-stewed chicken soup. Each dish uses different techniques of cooking strategy, which changes the flavors and […]

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Taste You Might Not Know Except Sweet, Sour, Bitter & Salty

Tastes you might not know except sweet, sour, bitter & salty Suppose, suddenly somebody asks you about the taste of the food you have just eaten. Obviously, you will simply say whether it is good or bad. But in case you truly need to get explicit, that answer could be limited in traditional four manners. […]

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